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Accredited teachers in Europe

Laurent Courtin

Communication and Vocal Coaching Trainer

Trained and accredited as a voice teacher by Voice Studio International led by Nadine George.


Graduated in 2020 with a Master 2 degree in "International Management of Cultural Projects and Institutions" from Lyon 2 University.

Graduated in 2016 with a Master 2 degree in "Personal Development Coaching in Business" from Paris II Panthéon Assas University.

He regularly leads workshops and training courses on voice work in France, Japan, Canada and India.

United Kingdom




Faroe Islands


Mel Drake

Jean Sangster

Morag Stark

Ros Steen

Susan Worsfold

Bill Wright

Pia Olby

Paula Brandt
Margareta Unne

Karin Rudfeldt

Grete Sneltvedt

Anette Vogel

Henning Silberg

Angelina Watson

Anja Owe

Stina Engstrom

Susanna Torgard

Ria Torgard

Thorey Sigthorsdottir

If you would like more information on European accredited trainers, visit the Voice Studio International website

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