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Voice work

Voice Studio International offers training and workshops based on the work of internationally renowned voice teacher Nadine George.

The Nadine George Voice Work® technique helps you understand the connection between your voice and your body, improve your confidence, and develop a better understanding and control of your breathing.

The technique uses sung sound directly linked to the body and text work.

Each voice is unique, and no two voices are the same. This vocal technique uses breathing, relaxation, sung sound, and text work to help the individual unlock the true potential of their voice. In our workshops, we limit the number of participants to allow for the development of each individual's voice.

All of our accredited teachers have undergone years of training with Nadine and her work, and they have many years of experience behind them in a wide range of countries and contexts. For more details on the work and its development, please see the page on Nadine George.

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